Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Wonders of Weight Loss (Part 1)

Photo Credit:http://4.bp.blogspot.com

I can imagine the the first thoughts that MAY come to your mind at the sight of this photograph above, maybe a typical Naija exclamation such as:CHAI!!!,IRO O,AHUZU BILAHI,OWOICHO ADAH,CHINEKE,NA PERSON BE DIS?

Are you mad at yourself for being so "FAT" no matter the control of food,rest and exercise you have gone through?have you lost weight and gained it all back and even more?are you quick to judge
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Operation "Say No to Hunger" with just 6,500 naira!

Tori will always baje in our beloved country Naija! Food items now take the bulk of the family income in every home due to the continuous increase in the prices of food! This scenario as painted by some traders in the market stems from what I hear them say "ha madam Garri wey be poor man savior now no even fit save am again becos e don tie wrapper con wear aso ebi blouse"! oh each week the prices keep rising and only God knows when things will regress back for good!
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Nigeria's Economic Recession Declared Over:Join the Prosperity Wagon!

There is a popular church song we sing in Nigeria that goes thus "people dey ask me say,na wetin dey make me shine,I just dey tell dem say na Jesus dey make me shine!"if anyone had told me earlier this year that this song will have another version relating to financial freedom, I would not have believed it!One day in the first week of February,2017 I turned on my data on my mobile phone to see if I had any whatsapp messages,behold and lo,the messages I got from three of my business friends was overwhelming!
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

25 Interesting Facts about Nigeria/ Nigerians

Nigeria, a country blessed with approximately 160 million people stands as the giant of Africa and the seventh most populous nation in the world. Nigeria continues to attract people from neighbouring countries and foreign investors alike, as it is one of the liveliest places in Africa and home to Lagos one of the most prominent citadel city of industry and commerce in sub-Saharan Africa.Its journey as an independent nation may have started in the 60’s but its history and culture dates far back to the precolonial era.
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Top 5 ideas for Lent 2017

Is Easter not more special? We often spend so much energy and money on Christmas that we sort of fall into Easter without spending time prior to this beautiful event, contemplating, preparing our hearts and been mindful.
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