Friday, October 24, 2014

Nigerian Tin Tomatoes Stew

There are seasons in Nigeria that fresh tomatoes becomes scarce in the market although it is a frustrating situation, making of tomatoes sauce is still possible. The tin tomatoes stew may appear very easy to make but from my experience, the method of preparation requires some steps to get the same taste as the fresh tomatoes stew.
Some people believe that using canned tomatoes to prepare a typical Nigerian stew always have a sour taste and that is why they refer to it as “no stew”. I believe my tin tomatoes stew will clear your doubt if you are one of those who refer to it as “no stew” so what are you waiting for, just read on…

-2 medium size of Titus Fish or alternatively 1kg of cow tongue/tail.
-3 small size Tin Tomatoes (I prefer Clappa or Derica brand)
-1 big size and half size of Onions
-8-10 fresh chili bonnet peppers
-2 tablespoons of Crayfish
-1/2 teaspoon of Curry Powder (optional)
-3 seasoning cubes
-1 teaspoon of salt
-Vegetable oil

Method of preparation
Tin tomatoes stew requires enough fresh pepper to make the taste palatable as it helps to get rid of the sour taste some persons complains about. First wash the fishes, and set aside, then dice the half onions. Pour the fish into a pot, then place it on fire, add a small amount of hot water, one seasoning cube, half teaspoon of salt and the curry powder. Cover the pot and allow it boil for 10 minutes, then scoop the par-boiled fishes into a colander so it could drain, preparatory for frying. The next step is to fry the fishes and set aside. Do not fry the fishes too dry. Keep the fish stock aside which is to be used as part of the final cooking stock. If you are using cow meat parts, wash it thoroughly to get rid of hidden sands and then boil it with salt, fresh ginger, seasoning cubes, onions and water.

Cut the whole onions and dice it into small pieces, remove the seeds of the pepper, wash it and clean the crayfish. You can blend/pound half of the onions with the pepper smoothly together and set aside. The crayfish should be blended alone. Open the tin tomatoes, scoop it with a tablespoon into a deep plate, pour the blended pepper/onions also, and mix together by adding some warm water to lighten the paste. Next, add some vegetable oil into a pot on the fire and wait for the oil to get hot enough. Pour the diced onions, let it fry to brown color, then add the crayfish and stir gently. You can now pour the tomatoes/pepper/onions paste into the fried onions and crayfish on fire. Stir gently and leave the pot uncovered as this is the point where you have to keep stirring the paste continuously to avoid it getting burnt. Do not be in a haste to end the frying of the paste; you have to patiently wait for it to fry till there is oil settling on top. The oil on top is an indication that the tomatoes paste is void of any moisture and there will be no sour taste by the final cooking.

The next step is to pour the fish stock into the fried paste, you can still add more water so that the final stock will not be too thick and mind the level of salt. It is best you do not add any additional salt at this stage due to the one already in the fish stock but you can now add the remaining seasoning cubes, stir and cover the pot. Allow the stew to boil for as long as there is no oil finally settling on top. The longer it boils, the better because it will end up not having any sour taste most people complain about. Then you can now add the fried fishes and taste for the final salt at this stage. This is to take precaution not to add too much salt which is already present in the fried fishes and the fish stock earlier. Let it boil for a minute so that the fishes can get coated with the tomatoes paste. There you have it, your Nigerian tin tomatoes stew is ready to eat with the usual white rice or boiled plantain or boiled yam etc.


  1. I'll try it out. Thanks for the info.

    1. Thanks Ruth for stopping by.Keep me posted when you try it.

  2. so my sunday food is Ready!..thank u faith

  3. Thanks Joseph for dropping by.I hope it was tasty?you know you can also use kpomo to make this stew and the taste is spectacular. Enjoy your meal but don't forget to share this post with others.

  4. I throw-way salute to the mother!

    So this is how you make us eat and forget our sorrows? Awesome recipe

    Your loving son and tech enthusiast

    1. awwh thanks Phil I catch your can substitute the fish with kpomo and you will be amazed at the taste and would not want the stew to finish.just ensure the kpomo is well par-boiled first.

  5. Am going to try this out meat is already cooking....the part you said we should add crayfish in the onion and fry b4 adding the tomato paste really got me going to do what we say....afterall, we learn everyday....I will post a reply on how it turns out. Thank you Ma

  6. Doing it now, so excited. Thanks dear

  7. you are welcome dear Linda,do keep me posted on how it turned out.thanks for stopping by.


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